Saturday, October 14, 2017

Robin Bengtsson - Dark Angel

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dj Kayz - Jugni Ji (feat. Mister You, Dr Zeus & Sophia Akkara)

Yes please! More Indian influences in western pop music, thanks! Perfect song to rock out some dance moves to this summer.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill

Australian actor and popular youtube-videoblogger Troye Sivan is about to release his first solo EP after signing with Universal Music. The second single from the EP baptised TRXYE is the song "Happy Little Pill", and it very good indeed. It's a bit dark downtempo RnB, soul and electronic all at once. A mix we happen to love. If that's also your cup of tea we're certain you'll love this too.
Sivan has said "It's about loneliness and the different ways that people cope with the things that are going on in their lives", about the song.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Melisses - Ena

I don't understand why this band hasn't made it internationally yet. They're keep putting out stellar and hit-worthy singles in their native Greece that makes us feel great. And even though it's a pure dance track that has been in our headphones on repeat for the past two weeks, the singer Chris Mastoras delivers deepth and emotion to the vocals. Melisses(=the Bees) keep our interests up and we hope they're gonna be around for a very long time and gracing us with wonderful music sung in Greek.

The music video is a lot of weird, but get's us smiling and not liking the song any less.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dolcenera - Niente al Mondo

Dolcenera is back after two years of abscence. And what a lovely comeback it is. Niente al Mondo(~Nothing in this world), that is the title of the song, is perhaps one of her best tunes to date.

The song is built up by a band, with primarily focus on drums, think marchingband in a fast pop-/electronic tempo(almost a bit SafriDuo-like). Bluesy tones mixed with Meaditerranean ones form the beautiful melody of the song topped with some horns and strings(which you should know by now is something we always appriciate).

Dolcenera wrote the song herself and says that she wanted to write a song about "hope agaisnt the sense of insecurity and disruption".

The video was directed by the duo Fabio Jansen and Andrea Basile.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

BoA - Masayume Chasing

Asian MEGA-star BoA's latest single is somewhat different to what she's done before. Maybe mainly because it's the openening theme song to the Japanese Anime "Fairy Tail". So well, yeah, expect it to sound like just that - a bubbly, catchy anime tune.

The song premiered with the first episode in the beginning of april, but it's just now that she's released an accompanying music video for it. The video is bascially a girl mayhem and an explosion of colorful and patterend street wear and joyful dancing in t he streets.

On another note. BoA is also currently featured in her first Hollywood film acting across DWTS-dancer Derek Hough in "Make Your Move 3D".

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Michele Bravi - Non Aver Paura Mai

Michele Bravi won the 7th season of X-factor Italy last year, and a week ago he debuted his first album titled "A Passi Piccolo"(~ "In small steps"). On this album we found this little gem called "Non Aver Paura Mai" (~"Never ever afraid") written by no other than our favourite Italian artist: Tiziano Ferro(co-written with Emanuele Dabbono)!

It's a cutesy little number that takes our imagination for a bike ride on sunny day along a country road by flowing fields in Toscana. Very likeable and quite catchy. If you haven't heard any of Bravi's previous singles you should check out "Sotto Una Buona Stella" and "Un Giorno Un Più" that are just as equally great. :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Max Barskih - Отпусти

I don't speak any or the Slavic languages and it's the wrong season(winter has passed since this came out in February), but there's no doubt in our minds that Max Barskih is a East European superstar and that this song needs to be mentioned on this blog. Instead of his usual dance floor hits, this single is a suggestive and haunting ballad that builds towards it's epic climax. This is incredibly beautiful.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

David Carreira - Boom

Portuguese David Carreira that we wrote about a year and a half ago (here) continues do put out music in French. This time it's the great R&B track"Boom".

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nicole Scherzinger - Your Love

Nicole Scherzinger is treating us to her latest music video. And although it might not be that special or non-typical type of video for her(directed by Dawn Shadforth), the song kinda is. It's still infections comercial pop, but it's a new direction and a sound that feels more international, more european and contemporary if you will. She collaborated with the talented song writers The Dream and Tricky Stewart on it. They're also gonna be executive producers for her upcoming album, which will be the first since she signed a multi-album deal with RCA/Sony.

 We personally love the song and hope it becomes a big hit since we frankly think it's the best single she's released for a very long time(if ever since she wen't solo from Pussycat Dolls). An irresistable summer pop jam, no doubt. Enjoy!

Nazan Öncel - Hadi O Zaman (feat. Tarkan)

Time for some wonderful dance beats from Turkey again! Diva Nazal Öncel has written "Hadi O Zaman" that bascially means "Come on then!" And we surely can see ourselves on the dance floor trying to get our friends to come over and shake their asses to this beat. Featuring on the track is Turkish pop king Tarkan whom Nazal written songs to before.

Robin - Kesärenkaat

15-year old Finnish pop-chap Robin is giving us the song "Käsenrenkaat" with accompanying music video to promote the use of condoms(!). Great track though and in the same sound as his national mega hit "Boom Kah", but is still not featured on his album.

PS. Is it only us that gets disturbed by the different colored shoes...?