Friday, November 8, 2013

David Carreira - Obrigado la famille (feat. Dry)

22 year old Portuguese artist David Carreira reached number one with his debut album back in 2011. He's born in Dourdan, France and is making a career there as well. And that explain this mix of languages that we've never heard on a record before, namely Portuguese and French! And we love it! This is a very catchy R&B-number that reminds of us of what we consider to be classic French R&B/Hip-Hop. Dry is always laying some rap on the whole thing to top it off. Obrigado La Famille basically means "thank you for family", and the song is about that no matter what you have your family. Aaaw... 

11th November is the release date for his next album that is gonna be a Pop/R&B record according to David himself. On the new album  he's collaborated with Snoop for example.

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