Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nude shock: Burhan G feat. Nik & Jay - Tættere På Himlen

I've liked a few songs of danish Burhan G before(like this duet with Medina), and I think this slow RnB jam is nice too, but what a video! Burhan is joined on this track by Nik & Jay, all three guys along with a girl appear nude in their muscular selfs. The photo of the video cleverly cuts the images right above the good stuff so no need of censoring. The video is almost appalling with all the flexing the guys do with their fit overly tattooed bodies. Just like the video in the last post, this is a video that you want to stop watching, but really can't take your eyes off. So if you dare -check it out below.

The song is quite pretty though, sung entirely in danish, and the lyrics is damn romantic. The meaning of the title translates to "closer to heaven" and is apparently where this girl he's singing about is taking him.

Burhan G feat. Nik & Jay - Tættere På Himlen

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