Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sheri, U got me good girl

I like Sheri, she has a nice a bit dark, smooth R&B-voice, she's confident, has talent and write her songs in collaboration with other songwriters. She has released three singles so far: Hit 'n' Run, Smooth Operator, First Sign. None of them have given her the break she deserve. I think that First Sign could've been that hit for her, but unfortunately they didn't go for the alternative remix of it, which in my opinion was by far superior to the original.

Now she's going for it again with a new single, which this time is backed up by one of the most anticipated Swedish movies and a renowned music writer/producer. The movie is "Easy Money" which is an adaptation of the best-seller book of Jens Lapidus. The songwriter is none other than Jörgen Elofsson.
I've been waiting for the song for a while, and now that its here it's maybe not that super hit that I've been wishing for, but its a great track and maybe her best single. I hope that she'll get a little more airplay at least with this one.


  1. Aaargh! Förväntade mig något bättre, mycket bättre faktiskt med tanke på att Elofsson är inblandad. Om man bortser från Smooth Operator är detta, för nu, den svagaste singeln. Men det kan ju ändras... :)

  2. Nu tar jag tillbaka vad jag sa. "U Got Me Good" är fantastisk, skitbra. :D

    Finns på iTunes nu. :)