Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two great songs - Two music videos with superhero theme

Both The Saturdays and Alicia Keys are superheros in their music videos for their latest singles.
The Saturday girls look hot and are slim like supermodels, unlike Alica Keys(she's still hot, just with curves and aint a skinny bitch), but they fail with their superhero-theme. Their superpowers just feels kitchy and cheap, and so does their outfits. The plot seem to be to just to torture and make life miserable for a guy with a too big ego.

Alica Keys outfit isnt exactly high fashion either, but it works better and her plot and powers have a little more depth to it. She has the power to heal hurt people, but at the same time when she touch people that are healthy and well, they get sick instead. So now, check out these smoking hot women in their new videos and enjoy two amazing songs.


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