Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yet another unreleased track from Grégory Lemarchal

Grégory Lemarchals record company has released a lot of songs after Grégorys tragic death and now they're milking out the last drop they can with a greatest hits(named: Rêves) and yet another unreleased song as a single. One can debate weather or not Grégory wanted these songs to be relased, but when you get french ballads as amazing as Je Rêve its hard to be against it. Its absolutely gorgeous, even if not one of his greatest pieces. But he had an amazing gift: there are not many voices in the word that can touch me in more emotional ways than Grégory. His short life might add to the emotion, but he would have had a long career inhead of him nevertheless. I don't think anyone doubt that. I suggest that you check out some of his previous hits as well.

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