Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ballads x3

The danish pop/schlager group Sukkerchok has got a new lineup and as of such they have released a new single, which is this pretty mid-tempo ballad called 'De 1000 Drømmes Nat'("The night of 1000 dreams"). It's in the same style as Beyoncés 'Halo' and grows with each listen.

The new boyband The Wanted who had a huge hit in the UK with the great 'All Time Low' are back with their second single who is a ballad called Heart Vacancy, its very cute and catchy and is surely gonna put some teenage girl hearts on fire.

The new Swedish pop-sensation Mohombi who had a fairly big hit with 'Bumpy Ride' and is the first artist signed to the Swedish poducer RedOne and Universals joint label, is gonna be introduced to the UK with a ballad which the american R&B singer Nelly is featuring one. It's a really pretty gem that I'm loving more after each listen.

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