Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Europop: Mattyas feat. Katrina - Secret Love

By mattyas.ro

Here comes a dance track in the same style as Inna and Edward Maya -this time from Greece. It's a bit of a mix of nationalities really. We have Romanian artist Mattyas(it's his track), who sings in English, and then we have Greek artist Katrina to join in singing in Greek. There is also a English version of this floating around were Katrina also sings in English, but I think her verses sounds a lot cooler and sexier in Greek.

Mattyas started a band straight after graduating from music school and have worked with producers like Marius Moga(Morandi), Dave Pryce (Deepside deejays)among others. He then went solo and changed his sound, and this song is the first thing that we get to hear from his new direction.

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