Monday, September 20, 2010

Introducing: Matt Cab

I had a hard time finding info on this guy. Matt Cab is a 22 year old guy based in San Francisco. And he's not only a singer, but a songwriter and a producer too. He's a soulfull singer with a soothing voice.

He's got an EP out on iTunes in the US and in Japan called 'Heartbeats' and are currently working on a full length album. He's had a #1 single in Japan with the debut track "The One".
The track "If it's not me" that's climbing on the Japanese iTunes ATM is what grabbed my attention though. It's a very pretty piano based R&B track that is easy on the ears. Check it out below.

If you doubt this guy's talent just check out any of his many covers of popular songs on his myspace page or YouTube-channel.

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